Sports and athletic injury solutions.

Dr. Heiser and Dr. Cooperman have effectively treated most every kind of sports injury imaginable. They have worked with athletes from all walks of life. From competitive high-school and college athletes to casual and serious weekend warriors, they always have one goal in mind: getting you back in the game as soon as possible.

Get back in the game with advanced sports injury solutions.

Athletes come in all shapes, sizes and ages. They are hikers, climbers, gymnasts, skiers, skaters, swimmers, ball players, tennis buffs, rowers, bowlers, joggers, fishermen, golfers, rugby players, weight lifters, cyclists and equestrian enthusiasts. Even sports performed after a proper warm-up and with the right equipment can still result in injury.

According to Dr. Andrew M. Cooperman, the highly sophisticated neuromusculoskeletal system in the human body provides information to reinforce an individual’s conscious efforts to position and move his or her body to obtain peak performance. This system is of particular importance to athletes, because it acts as a guidance system to help athletes avoid injury and perform at maximum levels.

The longer an athlete delays training after an injury, the harder it is for the body to recover. That’s why Dr. Cooperman, a sports medicine physician, emphasizes early intervention after injury with therapy and rehabilitation. He typically begins pre- and postoperative treatment with modalities that reduce inflammation and swelling, increase circulation, relax muscles, prevent muscle loss and decrease pain. Whether you are a high-school or college athlete, a weekend warrior or an elite professional, you need exceptional sports medical care when you’re injured. Dr. Cooperman is dedicated to delivering the latest, state-of-the-art care. He offers treatment for:

Dr. Cooperman will make every effort to avoid surgery; but if your injury requires an operation, he’ll treat you with arthroscopic and other minimally invasive techniques that reduce pain, discomfort, recovery time and complications. Get back in the game with advanced sports injury solutions from Dr. Cooperman. Dr. Cooperman is a subspecialty certified sports medicine surgeon. Call (760) 724-9000 today to schedule your appointment.

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