Dr Andrew Cooperman MD

Experience patient-first orthopedic care that’ll put you at ease.
Relax. Your bones and joints are in the experienced hands of Dr. Andrew M. Cooperman.

You’ve broken your arm or injured your hip, knee or shoulder, and you need an orthopedic surgeon who delivers high-quality care in a friendly atmosphere. With four decades of combined experience treating patients, Dr. Cooperman offer you effective orthopedic solutions with lasting results. They’re committed to getting you back to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

You'll discover that Dr. Cooperman are university-trained, board-certified and fellows of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. In addition, both doctors have received extensive specialty training in mini-incision hip and knee replacement, partial knee replacement and Birmingham hip resurfacing arthroplasty (BHR). They are experienced in the latest innovations in orthopaedic surgery including direct anterior hip replacement, patient matched knee technology, gender specific implants and the Oxinium 30 year knee replacement (Verilast). You'll find that our doctors are committed to meticulous surgical practices to minimize complications while increasing your chances for a complete recovery.

Dr. Cooperman has gained special skills in the arthroscopic treatment of hip disorders including cam and pincer hip impingement, labral tears, cartilage injuries and trochanteric bursitis. He is the only surgeon in the North County regularly performing hip arthroscopic procedures.

Locally, both doctors are actively involved in the sports community. They’ve helped numerous teams score victories by making sure their athletes have strong bones and muscles. Read on to discover how Dr. Cooperman provide patient-first orthopedic care that will get you back to your life.

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